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Release Date: April 12, 2019
Rating: 8.6

About Frozen 2

Country: United States

Year: 2019

Category: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Release Date: April 12, 2019

Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Starring: Kristen Bell, Evan Rachel Wood, Sterling K. Brown

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 131 minutes

Budget: $100,000,000

Box Office: $

Frozen 2 walt disney pictures is released on april 12 Todavía are still a few months until finally the expected second part of 'Frozen' is released but before this moment arrives Josh Gad, who puts the voice of Olaf, has shared an image with all the cast together that has been much commented For a particular detail, what does Dwayne Johnson do there?

Frozen 2 Development

It has been 6 years since the premiere of one of the most successful Disney films of recent years, 'Frozen'. In November 2013 Elsa and the rest of the characters of the film came to us and since then the boom of the film has been impressive all over the world.

Therefore, the release of its sequel, 'Frozen 2' which is scheduled for November 22, 2019 is being so expected. Before this time the actor Josh Gad, who fell in love with Olaf's voice, has shared the first image of the cast together where we also see Kristen Bell (Anna), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff) and Idina Menzel (Elsa).

But, analyzing the snapshot there is a detail that has caught our attention and is that the actors appear holding a stuffed animal of Sven, the reindeer of the film, and on it is labeled Dwayne Johnson.

After that, there are many speculations that have come out about it coming to think that 'The Rock' could be responsible for putting voice to the animal if it comes to speak in this second installment.

Although I could have simply made a reference to the movie 'Vaiana' where Sven makes a small cameo after the character played by Dwayne Johnson, Maui who can become animals, will become the reindeer of Frozen.

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